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Kyle: I would like to thank my wife, Kristin, for giving me the courage to do what I never thought I could; my dog, Nimbus, for being a stout pup, and my friends and family for believing in me.

Mike: I'd like to thank my family and friends for support, my instructors and teachers for helping me get to this point, and my bandmates for welcoming me and making me feel like a part of the Numbers family.

Ryan: I'd like to thank my parents especially; Your support is everything to me. I'd also like to thank the rest of my family, all my friends, and Melissa. Here's to the great times we've all had and more that are on the way.

Victor: I would like to thank my family for all of their patience and support, Kami for her support and constant encouragement, Kyle, Ryan, Mike, and Aaron, and everyone who pre-ordered the album and was patient with us while we worked through this project shorthanded.

Numbers would like to thank: FastBack Studios, Sisyphean Conscience, Reach for The Sky, Burning Twilight, Carly Bish, burritos, Eden at EVO, JJ Ebeling, Nick Ilic, Jacob Wischoff, and everyone else out there who has supported us in any way. It is cliche, but without you we couldn't do this. A big shoutout to everyone who pre-ordered this album and was patient with us while we got everything in order. There is strength in Numbers \m/

A BIG thank you to Aaron Smith for making this thing happen and dealing with all the Numbers ridiculousness. Da fish go blub Aaron, da fish go blub.


released March 25, 2014

All music by Numbers
All lyrics by Kyle Bishop

Drums performed by Victor Olavarria and recorded at
Fastback Studios by Aaron Smith, assisted by Jason Lackie

Rhythm guitars performed by Aaron Smith

Lead guitars performed by Michael Corrado

Guest guitar solo in “Sicken” written and performed by Aaron Smith

Bass guitar performed by Ryan Majoris

Vocals and programming by Kyle Bishop

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Aaron Smith
at Envisage Audio (

Produced by Aaron Smith and Numbers



all rights reserved


Numbers Seattle, Washington

Numbers is a heavily electronic-influenced metal band from Seattle, WA. With groove-based riffs, catchy chorus themes, video game synths, relaxing breaks with dashes of jazz, this creative band aims to change the way listeners think about metal, and to take the genre where it's never gone before. ... more

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Track Name: Shortly Broken
why do you have to yell? // can’t you calm down? you don’t have all the answers // answers you claim to trust and know // you don’t know // scrambling for pieces to defend your word // suddenly the evidence it all becomes blurred // but everything that i believe is still absurd? // why can’t we get it? // you keep looking down, staring at the ground // you are so held back // you're so off track // sometimes, i tell myself // “i want to get away, i gotta get away” // but i believe with some time and space // i can forgive this place // focused on the air and dust, living life on repeat // like a broken record – truth convinced through deceit // there’s a question no one seems to fear // i don't care how you lived, just tell me how'd we get here? // there will come a time where we aren’t consumed // we are not doomed // we live in a society that thinks they know everything // all the answers been exchanged up to their capacity // there's more to this than sifting grains of sand // but nothing seems to beat the foolishness of the common man // maybe the day of seeing eye to eye is within sight // take your time to decide who was wrong or right
Track Name: Empty Eyes
my failure left me lost at sea // between imagination and the abyss // blankets of thought drape over chains of reality // what kind of life have i missed? // let me out, let me out // excuse me, but you got it wrong // because it was you in the mirror feeling all alone, but // hey! don’t give up now // you will see the light when you bid your clouds farewell // here we go again // another thought, another tick, another click, another sin // the memories, the memories // they remind me of all the places that i wish i’d never been // if i find myself in here i just might let go // my insignificance fills my lungs and my throat // i can’t breathe with this weight on my own (you told me) // “don’t worry, it’s just a dream, a fantasy, not reality” // let me out, let me out // so long, farewell // to the promises that i have broken // so long, farewell // to the voices yelling never spoken // so long, farewell // the reasons i find doubt and failure // to my demons begging me to stay here // i bid adieu, so long
Track Name: Legal Lee Speaking
apologize after all the lies // i don’t believe you anymore // my oh, my! you’ve got so many ways // you reek fatal attraction // and your kiss has stained my heart // me, oh my! you’ve got so many ways // that lead to cradled distraction // and i want you out now // this society, i want no part of it // rid this cage of me, rid this cage of me // this society, i want no part of it // all that i can see is what you wrong with it // so let’s lay down your law // lay down what we owe // let’s lay down ourselves // so we may reap what we have sown // when will we begin to have some class? // it’s not like anyone else told us that this was best // instead we argue, bickering and bantering is all we do // point the finger at everyone but you // except for you // so leave the children at home // leave ourselves alone // there is a place that i’ve been longing for but cannot get to // promises that they made were strong, but would always fall through // now, we all know that this isn’t the way // so let us grow and move to the better things
Track Name: Fight Or Flight
there's a darkness, an evil growing in my heart // i feel it searing and ripping apart // my emotions, my fear, my anger, all my hope // leaving me alone with no way to cope // the further i fall, the deeper i swim // God, please purge my soul from within // so i may conquer the enemies surrounding thoughts and visions in my head // freed from the deeds they would have me sow // i’d reap the benefits of revenge instead // maybe, maybe this is real // maybe, maybe it’s just a feeling // maybe i’m just lost inside // either way, this is fight or flight for my life // chasing me down // i kept feeding them the pieces of my ego // chasing me down // but i didn’t think that they would get to me though // in the spotlight, target’s in sight // i will rid thee of this plight from the inside // fueled by rage // i still feel // i prepare for bumpy roads // for blood and steel // if i go, if i win // i need you, i need this
Track Name: It's Chilly Out
demon: inside this world, only i can breathe // the night, the cold, the air, the fear is me // campaigning for the souls of the dead // i have fed on the weak to keep my head on straight // this isn't what i am supposed to be // so how about you bow down to me? // falling asleep // i wait in the sheets for you to be mine // tossing, turning // feel the fingers scraping up your spine // i refuse to be drowned by the light // to forgive and lose all sight // i won’t let you sleep // until you know i’m there // i won’t let you sleep // until you face this nightmare // if you don't believe me // i'll be waiting in the corners of your mind // just because you can't see // doesn't mean you're free from my sight // boy: there’s a light that faces night // it doesn’t budge, it doesn’t fight // and there’s nothing left but my questioning // there is nothing more to see // we don't believe, we disagree // we never feel love // i keep looking up calling out
Track Name: Undertow
waiting for the silent screams of jealousy inside // tearing thoughts apart a bitter taste i leave behind // listening, a holy voice that pleases me the most // speaking softly to me now but screaming at my ghost // foundation built by hardened skin // left an empty place inside // when i began to speak // it awakened a beast named Pride // speaking louder, its hold reigned // power feels empty when it’s given, not gained // weakened by praise // strengthened by doubt // this is what my life will be about // i was pushed down // i was cast aside // down this path i believe // that you all denied // just let me be free // i’ll explain why these demons keep yelling at me // this was the voice inside i’ve had all along // yearning to speak for the wronged // won’t you please curse this heart? // i didn’t know what i had from the start // it’s like my innocence was set aside // where my naivety died // another sleepless night // wrestling with my mind // i’m stuck in this tunnel // the end shines a light // everyone has held me from it // told me it’s not mine // i give and give and give and give // and they consume what’s left of me like hungry swine // what does it mean to keep the devil inside? // what does it mean to keep this feeling alive? // why do my actions seem out of control? // why do the things i believe still fuel my soul? // don’t slip into the madness // don't be taken by the tide // i will bruise, i’ll be broken // but nothing takes away what’s inside // so stay away, stay away, stay away from me
Track Name: Truth Bender
i found this at the start // but you took control // despite the fact i poured my heart // you kept me from being whole // grounded, i stand with my heart in the palms of my own two hands // bleeding from my chest you filled it with your own demands // what if what i can see // is me believing every single word? // what if what i can give // is what you want but not what you deserve? // and then your song and dance was flowing, wrapped around my head // but then you tried to take it all instead // never beg forgiveness after i // gave it all away for none // bending truth to cater to your lies // after all was said and done // oh, i have a confession, an impression there were lessons had to be learned from my mistakes // there were lessons to be learned // nevertheless i had to stay behaved // i had to stay behaved // it's not like you made anything that made me stay or wait or inspire to create // you just sat there! // you sat there while i laid the foundation for everything // leave me now, to justify what you faked // look at your fingertips they don’t look the same // spare me my emotions and the gifts i’ve been given to define my name // look at the energy: i don’t do this for fame, it’s all a... // game, you’re fake // when it’s taken from me you’ll see your mistake // too late, you're fake // everyone knows so just let it go for your own sake
Track Name: Sicken
all of us find distraction keeping us from our own insanity // if you don’t believe in the world, then what do you believe? // take your money, and take your pride // because the thing about living is after everything you find, you will die // i promise you won’t take it to the other side of life // if you could work for money, or choose to be content // i really find that funny, because having both is what you meant // so what if you have it all? there’s nothing left to gain! // i’d rather live my life dreaming, than live my life insane // your entire life, you've seen it // the more cash given, the more it's spent // what's the purpose in a daily toll // if what we work for has no goal? // you’ve chosen your side, i chose mine // stop pretending that everything is just fine // this world won't get better // we'll never figure this out // limited to our feeble minds // we'll keep feeding into our doubts // so what if your life is full of riches? // the road we walk doesn't last // our lives are always ending // do you see yours flying past?
Track Name: Recreate
“truth” is up for the discernment of the faces in a place where the eagles lie // there’s no telling what we’ve heard will solve all our problems from the words only they provide // as if nothing was ever known, before this no one even tried? // how can i believe when what we’re fed changes depending on the tide? // we serve the heirs of gratuitous behavior // in a land, bloated and boozed // i'm afraid that it's too late to save us // the end of this digital era will be too soon // will we breathe when it's all caving in? // or are we all just going to end up just like them? // broken, blind, swinging at anything // to keep themselves preserved, free from suffering // there has to be a way to save us // to regain control of our choice // there has to be a way to save us // to rebuild the trust of our voice // don't look back, don't look back // they don't have an answer // it's too late to change the fate of anything // so let thy kingdom come // we took it in, we drank it all // they feed us our own cancer // the paint on the glass they've stained with our money // runs thinner each and every day // they don't value life // the system has lied // we don't have much time // until you pick a side // control, decay // alone, afraid // they're all afraid of you and me // so take your hands and recreate
Track Name: Swanky Sauce
there was nothing for us when we fell apart // you never gave back a piece of anything from this heart // let me push aside my emotions // like the way we pushed aside self-control // we just watch our chemistry fall in motion // shut your eyes, don't make a scene // it's another night that nobody would see // taking chances when we meet eyes // distorting truth within our guise // same old dances excusing our goodbyes // there’s no way that this could have happened to me // your skin, your touch, your eyes, they were all i could see // the rush of guilt came crushing suddenly // when the one i loved was just a few hours away // this is, has to be, please tell me i’m in a dream // a nightmare, a reason, an excuse from reality // my life for something i’ve already seen // for a reason even i can’t believe // i can’t believe this // i can’t face the consequences in front of me // no way out, i can’t repair this // what we’ve done has taken its toll // my chest, it’s missing something precious // instead there's a pool of tar and coal // there’s nothing but tar and coal // nothing but tar and coal, baby // burn it with flame and oil // there’s nothing but tar and coal, here we go // the drip from those swanky lips are haunted // the rust on the walls of my heart still feel cold // can’t let go from the weight of my guilt // i can’t see straight from the tainted touch // let me go and i’ll take the pain // it’s what i deserve for being to blame
Track Name: Frames
go ahead and remember // the things you hate about my life // forget who you love and replace with yourself // i’ve had enough // like a lab rat // making me find my way through your impossible maze // but you manipulate as i perpetuate // so what if i broke some rules for a change? // try harder // drop the act of playing martyr // figure out your life // before you waste your time to save mine // just you wait and see // you’ll come crawling back to me // if i take away mistakes i’ve made // you’ll do what it takes to make me fade // because there’s nothing left at stake // you’ve got nothing on your plate // if i take away the only thing // that makes you want to break my spirit's chain // you’ll just find another frame to paint me in // doesn’t matter what i do or where i’ve been // there was a time when our ears weren’t drowned out in noise // when the effort and love for this was listened to, instead of destroyed // we’ve been spoiled by ourselves and our thirst for more and our lust to enjoy // we’ve been given everything for free // and yet we’re victims of each others’ ploys // stages rang as voices sang for the first time to virgin ears // “no one hears me” // we complained even though this was made exponentially simple for years // i can see your walls are caving in // so just listen and listen and listen // if i don’t fit your frame // just throw me away
Track Name: Ghost In The Room
i have been punished underneath the brigade // of wealthy, greedy cowards who choose only to blame me // i was toiling toward the darkness afraid // i am weaker to the one on the throne of my fate // i only do this because i have to // i can't believe i've let myself feel this bad // i only scream because i need to // i only sing so i can subdue // so where do i fit myself in your little scene? // where "dreams" of stardom mean nothing to me // you only find charisma in people who scream // look inside yourself, how shallow do you dream? // i have lived in silence // i have suffered pain // have you listened to me? // are you ashamed? // i have lived in shadows far too long // i would suffer with the weak where they say i'm wrong // tell me where to go, what to do one more time // i cast your truths against the source of where i find mine // i won’t even think about it // that you and i are alone again // you don't even know about me // i'm just a ghost in the room to you // and i will fade away // i'm just a ghost in the room // i'll push the wicked, i’ll run away // knowing full-well my life may not stay for long // in hopes that you follow me out // please follow me out // won't you please follow me out? // there’s got to be something to motivate all of you // there’s too much going on for my voice to break through the noise // break through the noise // break through the noise // oh God! break through this noise! // there’s no believing in everything // that doesn't mean that i'm the one that needs to explain // the empty halls of liberty, and capital gain // only makes me believe there's a bigger game to be played